My amazing time in Cambridge


The food is made very healthily by themselves, and on certain festivals they have traditional British food, which is very delicious. Breakfast is cereal with milk, orange juice .For lunch he will give you several choices you can choose from, or you can ask them to make you a traditional English cold sandwich

When you visit outside, they will give you a pack lunch usually sandwiches of different kinds, fruits and salads are very nutritious. Dinner is the richest in their family. Sometimes they make pizza. Because I am from China I have been encouraged to make egg fried rice . The whole family loved it. My favorite thing is their spaghetti tagliatelle,absolutely delicious!Sometimes they make fish  and chips . I have enjoyed every meal . 



On the first day I have been asked about my interests and what I prefer ,including your favorite foods, which are usually available .All the visits were planned with me . My favorite places were Car show at Chelmsford and Duxford Imperial Museum. 


Also I went to the gym on Wednesday and Thursday nights for an hour and also I  went the swimming pool.I have been cared for and looked after very well. 




This family is very friendly. They have two children. The boy is called Andrew, the girl is called Emma. Andrew likes PUBG or Fortnite very much. Emma likes animals, gymnastics and reading. You will love them. The male host is Derek, an English gentleman who can cook and has an etiquette. The hostess likes planting plants. Their garden is beautiful.