Good time in Maidenhead !!!

. That was nice!I went in a lot of places. I went in London, that City is really light,spacious and beautiful!! Windsor Castle is a very magnificent place to visit!! The Castle really has an imposing mass…  Windsor is a good place for shopping and there is a great candy store in the commercial center!!

Two Weeks in Windsor

I went to Windsor for two weeks with the teacher Donna Butler and really it is very good .

We went to Windsor castle , the Harry Potter studios , London ( M&m world , hamleys ) ,Windsor Hardys , swimming ─ cinema , shopping and a lot of dog walks . I think is a very good family  and do this course is one of the best things I did in my live because for my future is very necesary  and with Donna it is better too.

We did every morning some work and  i think is very good because all the day is in English and is very good

thank you for see this

Pau Sanchez


My second trip to Windsor




Hello, I’m Polina and I’m 15 years old.

My teacher was Donna Butler.
I’ve been to Windsor and to this family for the second time and I really enjoyed it.
We went to London twice, to the cinema, Windsor Castle, Virginia water, National History museum, also we had a boat trip.
I think, that the best way to improve your English speech is talking. That’s why I liked when we were walking with Jasper, the dog, in the morning. We were talking a lot.
We went few times to the centre of Windsor for shopping.
I liked my room, the food and of course my family.
I hope, that I’ll have time and opportunity to go there next summer, because this trip is my favorite part of my summer and my holidays.

My 2 weeks in Windsor

Hello, my name’s Eva and I’m 15. I’m from Mataro, a little city next to Barcelona, Spain. So I would like to explain to you my holidays in Windsor. During this 2 weeks, I’ve been with Donna, my teacher, and her lovely and amazing family. In all these days, we’ve done a lot of things, like visiting Windsor itself, like the Windsor castle and going shopping. We also went to the cinema, twice. Every morning we used to take the dog for a walk. During these walking moments, we made some funny speaking. It was a nice and interesting conversation to practise our speaking and know each other better. After that we used to do some studying. Everything I’ve done this trip has been amazing, but the thing I Iiked the most, was London. It was INCREDIBLE. Being there, it has been my dream for years, and now I have made it come true. In there, we did a lot of things, like having dinner in the Hyde Park, or visit the Natural HIstory Museum, saw the Piccadilly Circus,, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar square, Leicester square, Covent garden, m&m’s world and the Big Ben, the London Eye, and the Tower Bridge, oh, and the shopping times. Everything has been and experience to me. I’m really thankul to Donna for everything she has done for us. I definitely would like to come next summer.

Our Stay In England



We are Sonya and Berta.from Russia and Spain. We are 13 and 14 years old.  We have spent 2 weeks with the Butler family.  We had a fantastic time and went to many places including Windsor to go shopping, London to M&M World, Covent Garden, Hamleys and more shopping.  We had a day at Thorpe Park which is a theme park with roller coasters and it was great fun.  We took Jasper (the family dog) for lots of walks and went to the pub.  We went to the cinema and also went to Madame Tussaud’s where we saw One Direction!

We want to come back again




Amazing stay !!!!!!!!!

At the London Dungeons
At the London Dungeons

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Hi,we are Charles from France age 13 and Andrey from Belorus age 13,

This stay was amazing because we did lots and lots of things: we went to London 3 times and we went to M & M world with the kids, we also went to Hamley’s, London dugeon … . We had lunch for Andrew’s birthday .

We also visited Windsor Castle for which we wrote a review on Trip Advisor and we had great fun at Windsor swimming pool with the kids and the cousins.

We went to Windsor and Eton centre, we fed the Queen’s swans it was very funny!

The house is amazing and the family and Jasper, the dog, are all very kind!  We took Jasper for walks every day and we were learning English.

We had a great time.

My stay in Windsor

I’m French and I’m 14 and I was 2 weeks in Windsor in Donna Butler’s house.  We go 3 times to London – we visited Wimbledon, St. Pauls, Madame Tussauds, Windsor Castle, Eton College, The Science Museum, Natural History Museum.  Went to see Non-Stop at the cinema and to the pub for lunch

It was great and very interesting this 2 weeks.

Irina and Juliette in Windsor

Hello! Our names are Irina and Juliette, we come from Russia and France and we are 14 and 13 years old.  We spend two amazing weeks in Windsor with Donna, Peter, Andrew, Charlotte and Jasper (the family dog) – During our stay we went to Eton – There we saw a parade with lots of guards.  We had a boat trip in Windsor and we went to Windsor Castle.  In the school of Andrew and Charlotte, we saw Andrew and Charlotte’s sports day, a ballet and school show.  We had two trips to London.  During the first we went to the National History Museum and to the Science Museum – and during the second we say Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, Hamley’s and we went to the National Gallery.  We also went swimming, to the cinema and bowling.  To conclude, we’d like to say that we spent two fun weeks with a very nice family where we really improved our english.