Three amazing weeks in york with Lois and Nick!


I’m a Spanish student. I have been living with Lois, Nick and a Russian student for three weeks in a small village. everything has happend very quickly since I have arrived. Since the first day we haven,t stop to do things.

All Mondays we used to go to the swimming pool and spend a good time.

Some evenings we used to go to dance salsa. It was so fun and we could speak with some friendly native speakers. One Friday we came to a big place to dance salsa and bachata and it was amazing too.

I love shopping, and, if you do too, I’m sure that you are going to enjoy shopping in York or in Leeds. These towns are near our house so you can come by bus. I have enjoy a lot shopping in there.

Other thing that we had done is riding bike. The landscape is beautiful in Yorkshire so we enjoy it while we were riding bike. Ride bike in England is easy because cars always respect you and there are a lot of ride ways. Nick is really good at riding bike and he lent me a bike to come with him.

The tourism here is fantastic! The first place that we visited was York. York has an old wall which enclose the cathedral and near there are a big park with beautiful ruins. We came to visit Brindlington. We enjoy  the views which we saw on the top of the cliff. Then we came to the beach where we spend the evening eating a delicious icecream. The last week we went to go ape where we could climb trees and spend a fun time.

We visited the chocolate museum too. It is the best museum in the world! A man explained us the chocolate’s history in York while he showing us a lot of photos and short videos. The most surprise was when the man gave us some chocolate for each stage of the chocolate. This visit was so taste!

If you enjoy eating cakes you should come with Lois who is a fantastic cooker! I have enjoyed a lot eating here. Nick cooked their fabulous curry and he cook as well as Lois.

One important thing is that I could’t stop talking english! Nick is always speaking and both have been interested about know things about me and my likes.

To sum up this weeks have been one of the best experiences of my live!