Chema and Stan in Macclesfield

Hello! We are Chema and Stanislas. We are 16 and 15 years old. We have had a busy stay for two weeks here in the North of England. At the start we went to the Peak Cavern.   It was very beautiful with a lot of interesting rock formations. We learnt a lot of things about it including how to make a rope out of hemp .We did a lot of things during these two weeks and we visited a lot of places, like Old Trafford in Manchester or the Peak District where we took some bikes to go cycling.  The weather here is not always good however it’s a very nice place and the people here are very friendly. We ate a lot of different kind of food like Moroccan food or a typical British breakfast. We stayed at the home of Janine and her husband Chris and they were very friendly people, helping us to improve our English. Macclesfield is not a big town but is very near to some interesting places and the house is very close to the centre of the town. For us, it is very difficult to choose one of these things  as being the highlight of our trip,  because all of them were very different. It was a very cool experience, even the cold experience of falling into the reservoir at the end of our canoeing trip yesterday!