My stay in Bristol

Hi! My name is Celia, I’m 15 and I come from France. I went to Bristol for four weeks this summer in Becky’s family. I had a really great time, improving my English while having fun and going to lots of places. I had 3 hours of lessons every morning apart from the weekends. We worked on lots of points such as pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary, conversation…I was also preparing for the CAE exam, so we did part of the tests from previous years as training during lessons and for homework (especially the speaking and writing part). I think I made lots of progress thanks to these lessons. However, I was also improving my English during the rest of the day. In the afternoons, we were often doing things such as visits in Bristol (museums, shopping…). We also did sport, for example badminton and tennis. From time to time, we saw other foreign students staying in Bristol as well, which was really nice. In the weekends, we did day-trips to Bath, Laycock and London. Each of them was great and really enjoyable (it was nice to have longer excursions).

Finally, I truly loved my host family, as everyone was nice to me. When we had tea in the evening, it was pleasant to take part in the very lively discussions, and I think it is a really good way to improve your English. The food was also really good and healthy! I would definitely love to come back here next year if I had the opportunity!!