Hi! I’m Carmen, I’m 16 years old and I’m from Spain. I stayed in Chingford, nerar London, for two weeks.

The family, Ken and Judie, were so fascinating and interesting. They have two lovely cats, Joe and Sammy, which were so cute!

While I was there I went to London many times, to visit Westminster Abbey, Kensington Palace, Buckinham Palace, I also went to Big Ben, the London Eye and I visited the Making of Harry Potter, which was so interesting and exciting. Also, I went to visit a Judie’s friend and some neighbours to talk with them and also to see how are the differents accents, that was so amasing and I enjoyed a lot doing that.

The lessons were interesting and I’ve learned a lot of idioms, new vocabulary and the most important thing is that I improved my English.

I also had a french co-student, Lise, who is so friendly and Im going to keep in touch with her because it’s something that I can do to improve my English.

It was a nice expirience. I enjoyed a lot and I had a lot of fun!!