My trip to Brighton with Ksenia


I’m Blanca and I’m from Seville, Spain .I’m 15 to 16. I want to show you my great time I had here in Brighton. I have stayed here for 3 weeks and it was almost sunny and boiling I liked it because I’m used to the hot in summer. I had learned a lot in these few weeks: I speak more fluently, I understand more things when I read, I can understand the almost things I listen in a conversation. Here in Brighton you can do a lot of things and have fun doing it. There is a lot of parks and are really good for relax or If you want to go to have fun, you can play table tennis or tennis. Then you can go to the shopping centre in centre town and there you can buy souvenirs to your friends or family. You can go to the beach also if the weather permits you but I recommend you to bring sea shoes NOT sandals.

Alex is a great teacher because she is a kind, helpful, approachable and outgoing woman. She has two children: Maia(6) and Bjorn(8). Her husband is Ian: I don’t know him very well because he works all day outside. They lives in a beautiful house with garden, it reminds me that I’m in the countryside. They have 3 lovely cats (Freddie, Amber and Burney) they almost stay in the garden but are really nice you won’t have problems with them.

I have done a lot of excursions to London, Arundel, Lewes, bowling, beach, Brighton museums. And I had done some bakery: a strawberry ice cream, a brownie and a tiramisu cake. They were delicious!

With this trip I learn other types of things:

  • To be independent.
  • To resolve the problems without an adult help.
  • To be less shy and be more confident.
  • To be more secure when I talk.

I would recommend to all people in the world to do this kind of journey to learn a new language. If you want to ask me something, I will be at your disposal.