Our stay in St Albans


Our names are Bertille and Ulyana, we are French and Russian .
We are staying with Kate and Peter in St Albans .
They have a lovely house .
Now we are telling you about one day of our course.
This day was Bertille’s birthday, she was 14 ! On this nice day we went to London, our first “station” was Madame Tussaud Museum ! It was funny ! Then, we had lunch in Mac Donalds together. After lunch we had free time or some shopping on Oxford street. And we saw 5 Seconds Of Summer

Staying in Broadstairs

This is my second time in Broadstairs. David and Gabi are very friendly people.  David is a very good cook, we had some delicious meals together. My two favourite dinners were Yorkshire pudding and Thai stir-fri.

Broadstairs is a lovely seaside town, my favourie shop there is the giftshop that sells jokes.

We had a few  interesting trips, the most exciting one was “Harry Potter Studio”