Arthur in Bristol

My name is Arthur. I went to Bristol for 2 weeks. I had a good reception when I arrived. I really liked my bedroom and the facilities were good, plus I had no problems with meals, even though I can be difficult with some things! I didn’t have problems communicating and didn’t feel stressed at all.

Even though the weather wasn’t that good, I was able to visit many places and to enjoy the city. I’m quite open to visiting things. I particularly liked my trip to Bath. It’s charming and I was able to relax and chat to my brother, who came with us.

Now that the 2 weeks are over, I feel more comfortable with my speaking abilities. A 1:1 course is much more effective than studying in a class because you speak all the time. I enjoyed these 2 weeks thanks to my teacher, Lesley, who taught me, looked after me and showed me around Bristol and Bath.