Two amazing weeks with Michelle

My name is Arnau and I’ve been “living” in England for the last two weeks. I was staying at Jermyns Barn, where my teacher Michelle Miller and her husband live. They are a fantastic family that is always willing to try to make the most of your experience. I was also staying with Mattia, an italian guy whom I got on really well with. I felt totally accepted all the time and everyone I met there was friendly and kind. It was an amazing experience from the very first day to the farewell.

During weekdays, we had our 3 hour long lesson in the morning and we went out in the evening. Michelle brought us to a lot of towns, such as London, Woodbridge or Ipswich, where there were events or festivals; and gave us the chance to meet some of her friends. We did lots of activities but we also had time to rest at home, when necessary. Everything was perfectly organised and she managed to balance between learning English and having fun.

However your personality and your way of being are, you are going to feel confortable with them, as they are always going to try to make of your stay, an unforgettable experience.