my stay in Poole


A very good stay in Poole a city next to Poole. The family was very nice and they ask me what I want to do. The Frauke’s husband cooked very well and he was always of good mood. the lesson was very interesting because we talk about a lot of different subject. Work in the morning was easier than in afternoon but for me it was a bit early because we started lessons at 9:00 am. We practice  lot of oral comprehension and it’s very interesting. vocabulary is also important with writing and speaking.

I was a bite  desapointing because I hoped that we met some people of my age and I could talk with their but no. They are no child and I think it’s a bit rude. But all other think was perfect because the weekend we went to see an arch an it’s very interesting. I enjoyed a lot my stay because I do a lot of progress.

In the futur, in Paris, I will talk about this stage to my friends because it’s realy a good experience.