My trip to Bournemouth

I really like this family and they have a lot of animals.Which I really love.My most favourite was the cat Luna.And she is cute.We did grammar:I wrote my dairy everyday about 2 pages and did a lot of grammar in «English in Mind».And on every test I get around 97%.We also did a lot of activities.First we went to “Thorpe Park”,it is my favourite park in the whole world!Becouse I prefer more scary attractions (better to say extreme attractions) and I really love this park.Then we went to Longleat and I saw my favourite animal — red panda.I was really happy.We had a lot of parties (and I had my birthday party too).We went a camping twice and to the beach.Bournemouth is located near the sea and we swam a lot.And another park which I liked too is “SplashDown” I was really excited to go there because I really love it.We went to a BBQ near the beach or somewhere else,because it is nice.I went with Ariya (She is the daughter of the teacher and she is 5 years old right now.The teacher has another daughter her name is Imogen and she is 2 years old right now too) to “Flambards” and we had a great time.I think that we will meet next year and have amazing time again (if not,more 4 or 3 days my mum and I will go together with Jayne’s family to Longleat again) ! 🙂