My stay in Edinburgh with Rossana

I´m going to talk about my staying in Edinburgh with living learning English in Rossana´s house. I arrived on Friday the 15th of June with my parents and I stayed in a hotel in the centre of Edinburgh and I visited some important and amazing places there on the weekend. The 17th of June Rossana picked us up from our hotel to her house. I stayed there one day putting my clothes in my wardrobe and watching some interesting English´s programmes on TV. With respect to my lessons I have done different grammar activities, some reading, listening, speaking exercises and two or three writings in order to prepare the First Certificate exam. During my staying in Edinburgh I have done some excursions like going to San Andrews with Rossana´s family, I went to a beach in a small and beautiful village near Edinburgh, and I also been to a mountain close to the city, and I have been in an Edinburgh tour with Rossana. I have done some different activities with Rossana´s children like going to the last Harry Potter´s film. In conclusion has been a very good experience and I had improved my English. Regarding the family environment I was so happy with them. Thank you so much to Rossana and the organization for help to me during the fifteen days in July.