family Watteau

Hi! My Name is Alizée, I’m 14 and I live in France. This summer, I went to England for one week from the 26 of August to the 1 of September. I was staying at the Watteaus’ house in Bristol.

Leslie was the teacher. The lessons were very interesting and fitted to my expectations: as I had asked, we focused the lessons on learning idioms and vocabulary about history, geography and literature, as these subjects will be taught to me in English next year. I also read and analysed the beginning of the book Of Mice and Men of John Steinbeck as I will be soon studying it. On two afternoons I went out with Leslie on excursions: we have first been to Mshed, a museum about Bristol’s history and on the second day we visited the hundred-and-fifty-year-old ship, SS Great Britain which was built in Bristol. Both of these excursions were very interesting and fascinating.

On other afternoon I would just take a bus to the city centre and do some shopping, mainly in the cheap centre PRIMARK.

The family was very nice and funny. It was very pleasent to talk with them. The food was very good and there was always enough to eat. The room I was staying in was huge and the facilities very good.