Dear all,

First of all, I’d like to thank my host family for the warm welcome,  that I’ve received over the last two weeks. I’ve received all kinds of attentions from Janine and she is a fantastic hostess and an excellent cook, offering me all that I could need.

Every morning I did my lessons with Janine, following the book “Cutting Edge Intermediate” and she combined the studies in the book with CDs and various other sources of listening.

I’ve also felt fortuned to have enjoyed a great variety of activities with Janine and sometimes with her family.  I’ve visited many interesting places like The Silk Museum in Macclesfield, Quarry Bank Mill in Styal, The Beatles Museum in Liverpool, the Old Library in Manchester and I’ve also walking around the Roman Chester City with a guide who explained everything about the history of the town.

I’ve seen not only museums but also wonderful places like the lovely Edensor village and the marvelous Chatsworth House. In addition, I’ve been able to visit an authentic English Pub and have dinner in a very good Thai restaurant, etc.

Without a doubt, I’ve been thoroughly immersed in British Life and in the best company.

My feelings about the improvements that I’ve achieved are very positive,  I’ve increased my level in several different fields.

Now, I’m able to understand better a variety of different conversations and comprehend speakers on the radio or TV news or films.  I’ve also read some newspapers and can understand information presented in different forms such as brochures.

Through my immersion I’ve able to interact in so many different situations from I getting up till going to sleep. Indeed , every time that  I speak English, I realize what significant improvements there are in my vocabulary.

My grammar has increased a lot, thanks to the time that I’ve spent every morning doing a full revision programme at the Intermediate level.

In my opinion, I think that my English has increased one level in understanding and one or two levels in Speaking and Grammar in two weeks.

Finally I’d like to say thanks again for all the support.  I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.

My best wishes

Alicia Marti