Adel and Tanguy in St Albans

      We are two of Kate Irving`s students, Adel and Tanguy. We are 16. We came to England to study English for our future. Adel`s from Russia, Tanguy`s from Switzerland.

       We had a great time with this family. We visited many amazing places. For example, first we visited London.  It was wonderful. We saw Buckingham palace, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge and many galleries. By the way, Adel went to the London Eye. She liked it very much. After that we had time to go shopping.

       Next we visited Harry Potter. It was fantastic. We saw many unusual things, for example, Hogwarts from inside and outside and all teachers. But we were very surprised, when we saw Hogwarts outside, because… We won`t tell you why, you have to see it yourselves. Also we saw Harry`s room, his house, his clothes and “dark side” (Vol De Mort, etc). By the way, we took very interesting photos.

      Then we had a good evening when we drove for a walk. We met very interesting people. We talked with them lots about everything. Also we had a lot of walking. After that we continue our conversations in local pub.

       After that on Sunday it was very sunny and hot so we had a barbecue with Kate`s family. This family is the most interesting, the coolest when we`ve ever seen. Kate and Peter have got three marvellous children.

        Next day we went to the zoo. It was Tanguy`s birthday. While we were driving in the car, we were playing “alphabets zoo”. It was very funny. In the zoo we saw a lot of animals: chimpanzees, bears, penguins, lions, elephants, cheetahs, giraffes, lemurs, etc. We really enjoyed presentation of birds and sea lions. We had a great time.

        As well we had many concerts, live music. We did a lot of sport activities: especially climbing and swimming.

       Finally, we want to say Kate`s the best teacher. She`s very clever, very beautiful, very funny and she really loves her students. By the way our English is better than at the beginning. We will never forget this learning course. Thank you to Kate and her family for everything

in the car at the zoo.  birthday barbecueKate and Tanguy at Harry Potter, 4 July  IMG_2344adel at harry potterbarbecue