Arianna and Sol’s wonderful weeks

Hi my name is Arianna, I’m 13 and I come from Rome. I spent 2 wonderful weeks with Michelle, her family and my friend Sol, a spanish girl comes from Madrid. During this period of time, I have improved my English a lot and I had  very great experiences like visit the Bath’s museum and the parts of Lacock where the Harry Potter’s films were filmed. I really enjoyed all those places, but maybe the best place where we went was the beach. It was very different to the italian sea because the beach was deeper but I loved the sea wind, the sand, the ice cream, the seagulls flying in the high sky and the sun, it was really relaxing and the environment was beautiful. All this holiday was perfect and I’m very happy to have chosen this wonderful family and i had a really good time with my friend Sol.

Hi my name is Sol and I come from Madrid. I have been  2 weeks in Michelle’s house in Wiltshire with her family and my friend Arianna, who comes from Rome. During this time my english has improved incredibly like my fluency in my speaking and my reading. The family was very friendly, they have a lovely black Labrador, Lulu and we enjoyed a lot of things together, among them going to Bath for shopping, visiting the Roman Baths, going to the beach, Lacock, the place where Harry Potter has been filmed. I had a great time with Arianna and Michelle’s family and I made more progress in my English than I hoped. These 2 weeks have been amazing and I’ll never forget them.

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