An unforgettable experience

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My name is Cristina, I’m from Spain and I’m 20 years old. I’ m going to tell you a little bit about my wonderful experience in Ipswich, England, where I stayed for three weeks.

My host mother, and also my English teacher, is called Michelle Miller. She lives with her husband Jeremy, and they have two sons, Tom and Ben, who come from time to time to visit their parents because they´re both working in London and Canterbury, respectively. They also have a very friendly cat called Tigger. They are a lovely family who make you feel like you’re at home from the beginning.

I really like their house, which is actually a converted thatched barn from the 1580s. It’s a very peaceful place to live because it is surrounded by fields with stunning views and lovely sunsets.

My room was very warm and I had spectacular views of the fields through my window.

Every morning I had class for three hours. It can sound like so many hours, but honestly, they were very enjoyable. Michelle is a really good teacher with very entertaining activities and useful methods in which you learn a lot without realising it.

After having lunch, we went on excursions to many different places nearby our house such as Lavenham, Dedham, London, Cambridge, etc. We did some lovely routes on foot and by bike. Excursions are another way of learning new vocabulary and some interesting history and way of life of England. I couldn’t even choose my favourite excursion because each one was different and really interesting.

The food was delicious and I also went to some typical English pubs to have “Fish and chips” and met some of Michelle`s friends.

This has been my first stay in England and I’m really sure that  it isn’t my last one. I’m really looking forward to coming back again. I’m very pleased for having met this family and I highly recommend this experience. Undoubtedly for me, this is the best way to improve your English!



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