Amazing visit to Sheffield

Hello, we are Mikhail, from Spain Russia, and Alvaro, from Russia Spain. We have spent three weeks in a wonderful city near Manchester, called Sheffield, famous for being the birthplace of the steel making process. It is really an amazing city, with lots of activities to enjoy, such as shopping, visiting museums and consuming in its pubs. It is a very lively city, excellent atmosphere and a beautiful countryside and sky. We can say that we saw wonderful shooting stars.

We have been staying in Karen’s house, which  has been a very good experience. Her husband John, who has been cooking for us magnificent dishes, has been very friendly with us. Besides, their sons, Jack and Sam, have been really friendly with us as well, and we have enjoyed hanging out with their friends. The lessons that Karen has been preparing for us, have been really interesting and useful for our improving. Furthermore, Karen has been very good with us.

We also have enjoyed visiting York, where we visited The Dungeon, and Castleton, where we visited the Speedwell Cavern. We have learnt a lot of things. Apart from new vocabulary, we have learnt how to understand the young people, which has been, from our own point of view, the most difficult thing in this experience.

We also will carry on with our learning. We will study an English degree in England, and we will try to keep in touch with our friends in England.

We  recommend this experience to everyone who wants to enjoy and learn at the same time.

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