Amazing stay in Cambridge


It been one week when I arrived and the food is really good. We have three meal every days. For the breakfast we have cereal with juce a de sometime hot chocolat. When we have a little break between the lessons we have the lunch. We usually eat spaghetti carbonara or soup after that we usually play in the garden. When we are out we have fresh baguette sandwich. For the diner Daniela cook different dishes every evening, like a pizza, risotto, curie, ships, meat and many other things. She cook very well and we can eat as much as we like. The meal are so tasty and really delicious.

We are really happy becaus we love the excursion. For the first day of excursion we went to Cambridge, where we had see the Cold Fiz Wiliam museum. In this museum we had see a very beautiful procelain and paintings like Monet, Renoi, Matisse, Degas and many other artists. After that we went on Peambroke College for have a lunch. The lunch was really relaxing. The college is really big is kept very well with many plants and there were planty of benches where you could eat, study and relaxing. Then we went to the St Marie church tower from were we could see the all of Cambridge. Later, we went
On the second day of excursion, we panting on the river Camb, we sac most the colleges and we learnt about history of the colleges.

On the second day of excursion we went to London, and we saw the London Aquarium. It was really beautiful ! After that, we took a boat in the river Thames and we see a lot of building sometime strange but really beautiful and the Tower Bridge ! It was wonderful.

The third day of excursion we went to the Wimpool Estat. The garden was winderful. There are a lot of flawers. There are also a farm with horses, pigs and a hens ! There was also a big house very beautiful.

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