Kate and Peter gave me the opportunity to have many exciting and amazing experiences.

Kate and Peter took me to many places.

I went to London and Cambridge and the Cotswolds.  They are amazing places.

My confidence developed and I went to Brighton and London independently.

And they taught me a lot about history.

They often took me to a lot of local places. I met a lot of people in carols, concert, Nursing home, in pub. I also had many experience of real life in the community.

And St Albans is a very lovely city.

Most of all, they are always kind to me.

I want to come here again.


Yuki and Pam in a traditional pub - The Cock At Verulam House Nursing Home Listening to Carols in St Albans  Concert Group Indian lunch at Singhli, Wed 12 Dec Champagne celebration for Hannah

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