Amaia in St Albans

I spent two weeks in Kate Irving’s home. She lives with her husband, Peter, who is a very lovely person. The house is in St. Albans which is a very interesting town very near London (you can get to London in 20 minutes by train).Kate is a very good teacher and she is very flexible in how you like doing the classes. I was very amused in my staying because they (Kate and Peter) have a very friendly life. During my two weeks with them we visited Cambridge; we went to two concerts in a church in St. Albans and, after that, we went to a pub with their friends. One evening they invited some friends to have dinner at home and the friends’ Spanish student came as well. Another evening we went to their children’s home to have dinner and another day we were in a neighbour’s house to have dinner too. We spent one evening watching and playing darts.I had the possibility to meet many different people and in my opinion this is very important to improve your English.

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