Refresher course in Bristol

My name is Sissi and I am from Italy. I March I made a two-week refresher course for teachers with Lesley in Bristol. This 1:1 course was perfect for my requirements which were mainly to brush up my communication skill, vocabulary and use of English for the classroom as well as make my English sound more natural. Lesley is a very experienced, flexible and energetic teacher who made me feel at home during our intensive lessons which included a wide range of materials such as podcasts,films, recents interviews or newspaper articles. Her sense of humour and outgoing personality made our lessons not only interesting but lively and fun. The time with her and her lovel y family made me remember why I’m so fond of the English people and culture. In fact, one of the highlights of my stay were the family dinners. The food, in fact, was delicious, the conversatons going on even better. In my comfortable, cosy room I found a vast choice of books, magazines as well as DVDs (with many more to choose from in the house) which gave me further opportunity to listen to or read English. Also during our excursions to Bath or the seaside I enjoyed myself enormously with my witty tourist guide Lesley. So, full immersion into English, which was the reason why I chose a 1:1 course, was highly successful. The only thing I regret is that I haven’t been able to see more of the surrounding coutryside. That’s why I’ll come back soon!

Fun trip in Sandwich, Kent

My name is Abel Otero Ramírez and I have been in England for three weeks. I was with a teacher in Sandwich, a village in Kent near the sea. This trip was my first out of my country without family but it wasn’t a problem because Cathie’s family tried to help me in every things. I had a very good friend doing the same course that me. He is calling Vincent Privat, and when we had free time, we talked about planes, because we love it. The visits we did I enjoyed very much when we were in Canterbury, visiting its Cathedral or when we visited the Dover Castle. After, two days we went to the beach, one day in Ramsgate and other in Folkestone (the water was a quite cold for me) but twice we went to a very nice swimming pool. For me, this course it was fantastic because I could learn things I don’t study in Spain and Cathie (the teacher) helped me with the writings, the thing I couldn’t do well in my school or learning some “phrasal verbs” that for us it was very difficult. Thanks to The Marketing Heaven, through the promotion of this course on social networks, many students are happy to join this type of learning.

Fantastic time in England!

My name is Vincent and with leaving learning English I have been in England for become well in English. For this experience I had gone for three weeks in Sandwich in England. When I arrived, I met my English Family with my teacher and my friend Abel Otero and they were very nice with me I was very surprise. It was the start of my English. With my teacher ,Cathy I learned lots of new vocabulary and English Expressions and Phrasal Verbs at the start it was very complicate to understand these and to understand when Cathy talk to me but after three or four day it was easier and now I am better than before it is just amazing !!! Cathy was a very good teacher and she helped and explained to me when I don´t understood and she was very nice with me. She was an excellent teacher But after or before the lesson we visited lots of beautiful places and it was very interesting because so much were cultural place (Dover Castel, Canterbury Church, Walmen castle) and funny place ( lots of beaches , The Royal St.George’s Golf Club). For the activities we went to the swimming pool, Cinema, Horse riding and walked) it was very good and Sandwich it is a beautiful town but with a weather very strange, it is England. Now the family one word PERFECT with Abel it was excellent everybody are nice and comprehensive and very funny we talked about all subjects and there were lots of joke I laughed lots of time it is q very good family I met a incredible people and a dog. For finish I say it was a very good travel I am better in English and I met a fantastic people I will never forget. Thank you for everything.

Cristina in North London

My name is Cristina, I’m 17 and I’m from Spain. I’ve been, as I said in the title, in the North of London for 3 weeks with Kate and her family and I’ve had a really good time. Of course I’ve learnt quite a lot of English! Honestly, I can recommend you staying with them if you want to have a great time in England. You will feel at home 🙂 Good luck guys!