Portobello, Edinburgh

I had a great time, it a was a very nice family, they were tacking care of me all the time. The trips were very interesting and I had a lot of fun. And of course I learnt of English.

I recommended a lot this family 

Our stay in Margate with the Dingley family





 Hello! our names are Capucine and Polina . We are from France and Russia and we are 12 years old.

We stay in Margate with Ella, Jim, Alexandra their daughter,Tia the dog and Speedy Gonzales the tortoise. The house is big and cosy with a big garden. The house is near the beach. We spent a lot of time in the beach. The sea is very cold at first but then it becomes very warm. Every day ,we did activities . We went shopping in Westwood Cross (big shopping centre), we played Crazy mini-golf, table tennis, Scrabble, Guess who?, Wii on the TV, tennis at the seaside tennis court, we had a water fight with water guns in the garden, we picked cherries at the PYO farm, we went swimming in the swimming pool with waves and a big slide. We had a trip to Canterbury and visited Canterbury Cathedral, On Sunday we had a lot of fun in Dreamland, old-fashioned amusement park. On my, Capucine’s, birthday we went to the cinema. (I had also a present in the morning and a birthday cake with candles in the evening). We went to Turner Gallery and saw an exhibition there. It is called “Animals and us”. We saw a modern dance there too.

I, Polina, learned new words in our lessons especially polite words. I, Capucine, also learned a lot of new words (like parts of the body, opposites) and how to read the time. We learned how to speak to each other in English. We wrote our diaries every evening. Every evening we watched Harry Potter films: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

The food was yummy and very delicious. Our favourite was rice with curry.

We will recommend to come here because Ella is very kind and takes us to different places and comes with us. She swims with us in the sea and the swimming pool and goes down the big slide too.

three weeks in Neston

I have been to Neston for three weeks, where we have done a lot of things

I went to the cinema to see “adrift”, also I went to the Bristol zoo where we saw a lot of different animals. We have seen cricket games and went shopping to Salisbury, Bath and Bristol. In Bath we saw the Roman Baths. We went by boat to the isle of wight to see a cricket match an the south coast.

We have walked with the dog to a field every day. 

It’s a good experience, I liked it so much

Wonderful experience in Cardiff

I had two great weeks with a lovely family in Cardiff, visiting beautiful places such as Millennium Stadium, Cardiff Castle, St. Fagans National History Museum, as well as I have improved my English. All the time that I’ve been here I just felt at home. I strongly recommend this program and I would definitely repeat next year!

Our wonderful course with Jackie

During the last two weeks we had so much fun !!! Between the lessons the activities were really exciting !! Kayaking, walking, playing was our daily activity. We also did shopping and we went once to the beach !! We have seen also a lot of typical things from this country like the architecture of the buildings or these Morris dancers.


 We both enjoyed it a lot won’t ever forget the time we spent here !                               

The stay in Cottenham

We are Rofl and Gueni we are both from Germany. We are 14 years old and we go to grade 8 in the same class. We are staying in Cottenham near Cambridge for two weeks with Daniela and her family


The Family is very polite and friendly. Daniela has to children Andrew who is twelve years and Emma who is eight years old. Her husband Deryck is also very polite and he took us to the Duxford Museum.


We had together a big and nice room upstairs. We also had a own bathroom. The house is very big and it has a nice garden. The food we ate was very delicious and healthy and we enjoyed it.

Our trips:

In the first week we did every day a trip. We drove 3 times to Cambridge and on Thursday we went with Deryck to the Duxford Museum. On Sunday we drove to London and the we went on a boat trip, to the London Eye and to the British Museum.


We  really enjoyed our stay  at Daniela’s house and we hope if you decide to come to LLE and stay at Daniela’s house you will have that great experience too.



Long-lasting Friends


Just two weeks ago, I happily returned back home from Rushden, England. This happiness mainly routed in the satisfied feeling of having made four new friends. Family Robb from Rushden with the extremely experienced English teacher, Chris, his warm-hearted wife, Fernanda, baking astounding chocolate cakes and their two lovely children, Ashleigh and Chris (“Junior”) constantly contributed to harmony and great fun over the entire course of two weeks. From the first day on, I felt secure and welcome.


Originally planned as an English preparation for university and the TOEFL test, my stay in Rushden turned into a wonderful holiday experience. The quality of teaching was amazing so that I felt extremely well prepared for my TOEFL which later on had been successful. Meeting lots of family friends gave me numerous opportunity to communicate in English. Furthermore, spending a weekend in Bournemouth with more family friends from Brazil, I got to know a highly interesting insight in their colorful culture.


Looking back onto these two weeks, it does not seem irrational that family Robb has so many friends. They are simply lovely to everyone. That is why I am so glad and thankful to have met them.


A beautiful experience

I have been for two amazing weeks here in which I have done lots of different sport, such as playing football and tennis or going for a walk.

I have also visit two beautiful cities, Cardiff and Bristol.

I would recommend everyone to come here for learning English.

The best stay in Cambridge

My name is Kirill. I’m twelve years old and I’m from Russia. I’m staying in Cottenham – near Cambridge, with Daniela and her family. (I’m staying alone)


The family is kind, friendly and caring. I learnt a lot vocabulary from Andrew and Emma (who are 12 years old boy and 8 years old girl) because I  play a lot with them. I get on really well with them and we have lots of fun  ,we play water fights, computer games called PUBGmobile .I played this game with Andrew.


My room is really nice and big, and when I arrived I was really impressed because the house is big and my bedroom is  twice bigger then my last year  bedroom.(i have been with LLE last year too) In my bedroom I also have my own sofa, bathroom, fridge and desk. The garden is really big too and we’re having a great time on the swings and trampoline .


I fill that I have made a lot of progress and I’m working really hard in the lessons and outside lessons too. Daniela is a good teacher, she’s patient, kind, helpful and ambitious. She has high expectation.


I had good and healthy food and it was different all the time. Home burgers and salmon en croute were my favourite dishes.

Places that I visited

I’ve already visited many places and I’m going to tell you all about them. The first place that I have visited was Cambridge and Cambridge Colleges. I enjoy that. Next, I was visiting Anglesey Abbey, very beautiful house with amazing garden.  The third visit was London. In London I was in many places but the most important are: History Museum, Hide Park and bout trip on the river Thames . The next place that I visited was Wimple Hall ,another really big  house with farm and park. The last one is Duxford- very big museum with lots of planes. I’d enjoyed everything. I would recommend this course to young learners.


Thank you.


3 weeks in Witham

I have just spent 3 weeks in Witham, Essex improving my English.  I lived with my teacher Karen and her husband Neil – they were very friendly!  They looked after me very well!  The house was very cosy and I had a lovely big modern and well-equipped room with a large bed and lots of space to move around and for studying.  Furthermore I had a modern private bathroom.  The course itself met all my expectations. I was always speaking and listening to English.  The classes were very effective and diverse.  I did lots of different activities (always in English!) like yoga, Nordic walking, theatre, cinema, visits to special places and towns and lots of walking generally.   And finally, I read loads of books and watched the corresponding films which was a really nice experience!  Thank you everyone for the opportunity of doing this full-immersion course which from a learning perspective is so thorough compared to learning in a group!