My amazing time in Cambridge


The food is made very healthily by themselves, and on certain festivals they have traditional British food, which is very delicious. Breakfast is cereal with milk, orange juice .For lunch he will give you several choices you can choose from, or you can ask them to make you a traditional English cold sandwich

When you visit outside, they will give you a pack lunch usually sandwiches of different kinds, fruits and salads are very nutritious. Dinner is the richest in their family. Sometimes they make pizza. Because I am from China I have been encouraged to make egg fried rice . The whole family loved it. My favorite thing is their spaghetti tagliatelle,absolutely delicious!Sometimes they make fish  and chips . I have enjoyed every meal . 



On the first day I have been asked about my interests and what I prefer ,including your favorite foods, which are usually available .All the visits were planned with me . My favorite places were Car show at Chelmsford and Duxford Imperial Museum. 


Also I went to the gym on Wednesday and Thursday nights for an hour and also I  went the swimming pool.I have been cared for and looked after very well. 




This family is very friendly. They have two children. The boy is called Andrew, the girl is called Emma. Andrew likes PUBG or Fortnite very much. Emma likes animals, gymnastics and reading. You will love them. The male host is Derek, an English gentleman who can cook and has an etiquette. The hostess likes planting plants. Their garden is beautiful.




My holiday with jacob thomas

I was in south of england and the weather was very good. it was my greatest english experience. This travel make me discover a bit part of England. I had a lot of luck because i was with a great family and a great partner. The food was delisious and we visited beautiful typical English monument. I recommend this organisation for loocking at holiday in english family.

My two weeks with Gill Stephens in Brighton

Great new experience for me: I had no idea this kind of homestay courses existed at all! I totally recommend it, and I recommend it with Gill Stephens! Gill is a highly experienced teacher, she will adapt to whatever your learning needs are and fit the lectures to your interests. Both Gill and his partner (Nick) will pay attention to every detail to make you feel at home.

Three beautiful weeks with Ella’s family

Hello, I am Filip. I am 21. I am from the Czech Republic. I lived in this big house with Ella’s family, who are Jim, the husband, Alena and Alexandra, the girls, Tia, the dog and Speedy Gonzales, the tortoise. I spent with them three weeks and I had a lot of experience here. I visited three castles: Walmer Castle with a beautiful garden, Deal Castle and I went to Dover Castle twice because it is so big that we did not have enough time to see it in one day. Ella took me to the Charles Dickens Museum in Broadstairs, Bleak House where Charles Dickens wrote “David Copperfield” and smugglers museum.

Alena and her German friend Sofie took me to Turner Contemporary Gallery and saw the “Animals and us” exhibition. I prefer historical museums.

Jim took me to the city of Canterbury and I visited Canterbury Cathedral.

I was studying five hours a day. I came here to prepare for my exams at University. I feel that it was very good for me. I think I made a lot of progress. I had free weekends for full day excursions.

I wish to be here longer.

My trip to Bournemouth

I really like this family and they have a lot of animals.Which I really love.My most favourite was the cat Luna.And she is cute.We did grammar:I wrote my dairy everyday about 2 pages and did a lot of grammar in «English in Mind».And on every test I get around 97%.We also did a lot of activities.First we went to “Thorpe Park”,it is my favourite park in the whole world!Becouse I prefer more scary attractions (better to say extreme attractions) and I really love this park.Then we went to Longleat and I saw my favourite animal — red panda.I was really happy.We had a lot of parties (and I had my birthday party too).We went a camping twice and to the beach.Bournemouth is located near the sea and we swam a lot.And another park which I liked too is “SplashDown” I was really excited to go there because I really love it.We went to a BBQ near the beach or somewhere else,because it is nice.I went with Ariya (She is the daughter of the teacher and she is 5 years old right now.The teacher has another daughter her name is Imogen and she is 2 years old right now too) to “Flambards” and we had a great time.I think that we will meet next year and have amazing time again (if not,more 4 or 3 days my mum and I will go together with Jayne’s family to Longleat again) ! 🙂

With Sophie in Wales

Amazing week!

Truly one of the best experiences of my life. I had been wanting to come to the UK ever since I was 10 so this was a dream come true. At first I was a bit scared that Cardiff wouldn’t meet my expectations but it absolutely surpassed them. I was also worried about having to stay with a family I didn’t know, but I felt welcomed and well received from day 1. 

I had so much fun with Sophie and the rest of the family. Some of my favourite activities were the visits to Cardiff Castle, St. Fagans and Principality stadium. However, I also enjoyed walking along the Taff and all the little independent shops in the city’s arcades. Despite doing classes in the morning and activities in the afternoon, I still had plenty of free time, which is always quite nice. 

Regarding the tuition work and the classes, I feel that I have learned a lot since I came here and I have improved in every way I aimed to do so. I loved working with Sophie and the fact that the lectures were adapted to my needs and interests. 

I learned about British and Welsh culture and history, made new friends… All in all, I had a wonderful time and I know I will remember this experience for the rest of my life and I hope to return some day.

Cambridge stay

Living Learning English Review:


Hello, my name is Arthur and I’m from Switzerland.I’m fifiteen.I really enjoyed my two weeks stay in Daniela’s family. My english has improved and I’m satisfied about it.




Everyday exept the weekend, I got up at 7:30, the lessons started at 8:15 and finished around 11:30. I think that these two weeks in Cambridge have been very useful, knowing that I’m going to be studying IGCSE’s next year, and it’s also a good experience. I practiced my writing skills a lot, and I think it helped me improve my english.




Everyday, we went out to visit a different place. The father of the family: Derick, once took me to an aircraft museum. He knows almost everything about these planes: their history, what they were used for, the countries who used to use them, and much more.




The food was delicious. Daniela is a great cook. She makes her pizzas from scratch, which makes them particularly tasty. I really enjoyed them.





The Thakes are lovely. They were always there to help if there was any problems and they are very friendly. I spent a pleasant time with them during these two weeks in Cambridge.


Four weeks in Margate

Hi! I’m Lisa and I’m Masha. We’re 14 years old twin-sisters and we’re from Russia. We were in England Margate for 4 weeks. Our 4 weeks we spent with Ella and Jim’s family.



Every day we had 3 hours a day of our lessons (except of Saturday and Sunday) in which we played different games, learned new vocabulary. We also learnt new grammar and practised reading, speaking, listening, writing. We also wrote our diaries every evening.



We lived with Ella and Jim and their daughters Alexandra and Alena. They have two pets. It’s a dog

Tia and tortoise Speedy.



We lived in a big home with a garden. Each of us had their own room in which we had all facilities for living and study.



Every day we went to some places. After we had lessons we, after lunch, went to some places such as Broadstairs, Ramsgate, Canterbury. We also played bowling , mini-golf and table tennis.

We visited a lot of historical places and museums, for example, local museum of Margate, Tudor House, Shell Grotto, Charles Dickens Museum, Ramsgate War tunnels and Canterbury Cathedral. We also visited some castles, for example, Dover castle ( it was our favourite castle), Deal and Walmer castles and in this castle we watched the play Alice in Wonderland. We went to the farm to pick cherries, raspberries, loganberries, black and red currants. Jim took us to the zoo which is called Wingham Wildlife Park where you can see a lot of animals – bears, snakes, monkeys, gorillas, eagles. Ella took us to Tides swimming pool which has a big slide and waves. We swam a lot in the sea. We love the beach! We had a ride on the open-top double decker – it was so windy! And we had some fun on the pedal boats. One day we went to the cinema and watched “Jurassic world: Fallen Kingdom”.

We loved shopping in Westwood Cross shopping centre and Canterbury shops are the best.

On the last Thursday we went to Dreamland. There we went on different rides such as Big Wheel, Hurricane Jets and many more.



We had a such tasty food. Ella did it by herself.


For breakfast we had some cereal with yogurt or milk, croissant or sandwiches with jam and a lot of fruits.


For lunch we had some sandwiches with different cheese, a lot of kind of ham and sausages,salad.


For dinner we had a soup,chicken,salad,rice or pasta,chips,fish and etc.

One of the day we cooked an apple pie. Also Ella cooked Mexican food.

Wonderful trip in Cambridge

the family:

Our family is very cool. There are two children : Andrew and Emma. Andrew is 12 years old, he is realy fun and we can do a lot of acrivities with him !

Emma is 8 years old, she is very cute and nice !

Derrick is the father of the family he is realy kind 

Daniela is the mother, she is a very good teacher and a very good cooker ! Daniela is very very Nice !


The food :

A lot of people say, the english’s food is not healthy but, in our family the food is healthy and Daniela do a lot of homemade food!


The accommodation:

With lena/charlotte we have a big bedroom with two confortable beds, a sofa, a cupboard, a fridge and a bathroom!

The house is very big, there are in the garden 1 swing , 1 trampoline,1 panding pool and a littel pond with froggs and fishes !



With our family we do a lot of activities: we go to the pool, to london and to Cambridge, we visit a lot of muséums and gardens , and we do a lot of shopping !

And we play a lot in the garden