Alina in England

My name is Alina, I’m almost 14 years old, and I’m from Ukraine. I spend wonderful holidays in England. I ate here my favourite Italian cuisine. I visited several major towns were I saw the sea, the sea was so beautiful, quiet and dark but very cold.  Than I was twice in the cinema and saw very interesting movies. Was at the zoo, where were many different animals, very beautiful animals. Both, I visited the horses, helped them cleaned and watch for horseback riding lessons. I lived in a very good family, in very good conditions and very beautiful and peaceful town. Also I visited Canterbury and Canterbury Cathedral, the Cathedral was incredibly good, and I was in many stores, I bought a lot, because shopping here is much better than in Ukraine. I was very pleased to spend three weeks in such good family. Thank them for everything because it was one of the best holidays in my life. I learned a lot during this time while I was here, yet the most that I like here its people, all so kind and educated. At first I was very afraid of what awaits me here, now I understand that afraid was nothing. Thought it was hard but it was worth it. Thank you for this opportunity.



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