A trip to London

On that day we got up as usual, had our breakfast and made final preparations for our trip. After that, we walked a few hundred metres to the train station. On arrival to London, we had already mentally prepared ourelves to be exhausted by long walks through the city.

After we went out of Waterloo station, we divided in two, if that possible to say, ‘groups’. While Juan and David were exploring the most famous places of my favourite city, we went to Covent Garden’s National Film Museum to see an amazing collection of original James Bond’s cars. Throughout all the exhibits most of all I liked the truly astonishing Aston Martin DB5 and the record-beating DBS from the “Casino Royale” movie. Before we left that building, and after that too, I was inspired to see more 007 films.

Then, after some walking through Covent Garden itself and Leicester Square, we had talked outselves into a senseless trip to Park Lane. As this street is not too far from Knightsbridge, famous for its everyday flock of expensive cars, I expected to see something extraordinary there.

Well, after a slight drop in my motivation, we went to the Tower of London by the Tube. I’ve never thought that there was so big a castle near Tower Bridge, and it was so huge inside. There are many buildings in this complex and I had learned that the Tower of London wasn’t only used as a prison for traitors and ‘dangerous’ people, but for many other functions, such as an exhibition of the kings’ armoury or vaults for the Queen’s jewellery. Almost a dozen towers are situated there, each showing to us their history.

Within two hours we went out of the Tower and proceeded to Waterloo train station. After we returned to Boscombe, my pedometer showed, that our group of 3 people (which had reunited with the second ‘group’ of two, at the end of our Tower visit,  had walked, at least, 12 kilometres!

That was undoubtedly an incredible journey,  I think, everyone, except me, got tired as was expected, and filled with excited emotions we sat down to relax and laugh at a fabulous football match, Germany vs Brazil.


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