A Holiday in England

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This is my fist time  in England.  I stayed with the Dadford  host family.
It was very good!
I visited many places in Ringwood and London.
We went to a ski park and ski bobbed and Ringwood,  had a picnic in the  park, went to the cinema and  bowling.
I went to a Motor museum and watched looked at many old cars. We saw the real Harry Potter car.
On the third week we visited London,  I went on  the London Eye and it was  amazing!
I saw Big Ben, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and many another places.
I was in a  toy shop  called Hamleys. It was  very BIG and had a lot of  toys!
Next, I visited Oxford Street. It was a  long street with many different shops.

I won”t  forget my holiday!

Irina Alymova

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