A fabulous week in Margate

Posted: August 29, 2017 in Young learners

I’m Arthur, I’m 13 years old and I’m French. I was with Ella, Jim, Alexandra, Alena, a big doggy Tia and Speedy Gonzales the tortoise. It’s a lovely family!

We can progress very fast in English with Ella because she’s a very good teacher. There is 3 hours of lessons and 30 minutes break. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner are very delicious and varied. The afternoon activities:

- Going to the beach and the folk festival in Broadstairs,IMG_E0656[1]

- Playing football and table tennis,

- Going to the cinema,

- Visiting Walmer Castle,

- Going to Canterbury and the Cathedral,

- Shopping.

- Each evening I watched an English film with the subtitles, which help to understand spoken English.

This one week passed so quickly, so I advise you to do 2 weeks at least.IMG_E0679[1]IMG_E0666[1]IMG_E0649[1]IMG_0648[1]

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