4 weeks near Bristol

I’m Alexey, 26, from Moscow, Russia.
I had a language course for 4 weeks with Martin Spiller and his family in summer 2013.

I think it was a right decision to have a language course in England, because the course was very useful for me.

And the course was very interesting too!
We visited Bristol, Bath, Wells, Caerleon, a stone circle in Avebury, Cheddar Gorge and several beautiful villages.

My teacher, Martin, was a very intelligent man. It was very interesting to talk to him about history, politics, economics and, of course, about linguistics! He knew a lot about places we went to.

I also communicated with his wife, his children and grandchildren and with several their guests from different countries, so I could practise my English with different people, and all of them were very friendly.

I hope I will be able to visit Great Britain again in 2 or 3 years.

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