3 weeks in Margate

3 weeks in Margate



We are two fourteen year’s old students. My name is Ruben, I come from Spain. And my name is Dimitri, I come from France. We spent three weeks at Ella’s house in Margate.


Every day, we wake up at eight o’clock and we have breakfast. For breakfast we have the choice between different cereals, toast, croissant, eggs with bacon, fruit… with a cup of tea or orange juice. Then we get ready for the lesson that starts at nine o’clock.


We have three hours of lesson, with a thirty minutes break at the middle. During the first part of the lesson we do some games and some speaking activities. At the break time we play tennis in the garden or table tennis. After the break we revise some grammar, listening activities and text book activities.


After the lesson, we have lunch. For lunch we usually eat toasted sandwiches, bits and pieces from the previous evening and sometimes pizzas.


Before doing an activity we have a bit of free time. The activities change every day.  We go to the beach, to different castles like Dover Castle, Deal Castle, Walmer castle, we also went to Dreamland which is a retro theme park, to the swimming pool, that has a big slide and waves, to Canterbury cathedral, there we listened to the magnificent boys’ choir. We also played bowling, mini-golf, tennis in the seafront, we went rock-climbing, shopping, to the Royal Air Force Museum, to Turner Contemporary Gallery and to the berry farm. Tonight we are going to the cinema.


Our favourite activity was visit Canterbury, a beautiful city. We also enjoyed a lot going to Dreamland.

When we come back after an activity, we write our diary and describe our day. Then we have dinner, we usually eat meat and rice, pasta or potatoes, also with a lot of vegetables. After dinner we watch a film in English with English subtitles eating some ice-cream, cake or fruit. Our favourite films, so far, were Twelve Angry Men and The Simpsons Film.


We enjoyed doing different activities in Margate and improving our English. We liked the food and the family was very kind.


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