2nd week ALICIA and JESSICA

Hi, i´m alicia from spain and i have spent 2 weeks in caroline´s house. i have felt very comfortable with her and her family because they are very nice. My swiss partner Jessica is also very friendly. She is the best.

This weeks we have done a lot of things but i´m going  to tell you about the second week.

On monday we went to the canoe sprint. It was very exciting as we were in an olimpyc event. My birthday was on tuesday and caroline  gave me a mug and a letter written by her family too. jessica and me spent all the morning in the harry potter backstage. We saw the Potter´s house,his bedroom, the dinning room for the students of Hogwarts, the castle of Hogwarts,.. I found it very interesting to see how they produce the films. Today after the lessons we are going to visit Cambridge which was also a very nice place.

I must thank Caroline for being so a good teacher and at the same time very kind with us.


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