2 weeks in Cambridge

Hi! My name is Marina I’m from Spain and I’m 14 years old.
Hello! My name is Uliana I’m from Belarus and I’m 13 years old.
The family is very friendly. It consists of four people: Daniella, Deryck (Daniela’s husband) , Emma (their daughter) and Andrew (their son). The family is so nice!
The food was really good and it was homemade.
For breakfast we had  cereals with milk or toasts. We had some juice as well. After lessons we had lunch, we usually ate panini,  omlet or pasta.
And for dinner we had: curry, pizza, chicken and other delicious dishes.
The house where we lived was so big and comfortable. We had a big bedroom for two people and a bathroom in it. The family is also had a big dinning room where we had our lessons and  lovely garden with a trampoline in it.
We had a lot of great excursions every day! We went to Cambridge, where we visited Duxford, Fitzwilliam museum, Zoology museum and a lot of other  interesting places.
On Sunday we had a full day exursion to London! We visited Natural History Museum and butterflies exposition too. We also visited the Buckingham Palace, after that we sat on the grass in  Great Saint John’s Park and bought an ice cream and waffles with chocolate. It was so yammy!

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