2 weeks between sun and rain in Scotland near Dundee

Hi I’m Till and I would like to tell youi a little bit about my experience here in Tealing a nice little village near Dundee.

I stayed there for two weeks and had a lot of fun. With my really friendly and lovely host family, I discovered the Area, Daytrips to Glamis Castle, Mc Mannus Gallery, Dundee, St. Andrews, Forfar, Edinburgh and a lot of other sides we had a lot to see and fun.

We started our lesson at 9.30 in the morning where we discovered the new and interesting book in cooperation with the BBC, so there were a lot of interesting thing to discuss and talk about. So we went on till 12.30 when we had normally lunch. After lunch and a short break we started our exploring programme through the area, which often ends in the supermarket, where we bought some stuff for dinner.

I’ve to say these two weeks were brilliant and lovely exspecially that in the first week the weather was sunny makes that to an unforgettable experience.

So short feedback: Area: 5 stars; Family: 5 stars Fun: 5 stars  All: 5 Stars



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