1 week with Ella and her family



Hello, I’m Merlin. I am 9 years old and in the fourth grade.

I come from Switzerland.



It was at 8 o’clock.

Usually I ate toast with Nutella and drunk a hot chocolate.



It was at 13 o’clock.

Usually I ate Pasta, sausages and salad and drunk a cup of tea.



It was at 18 o’clock.

I ate usually fish, chicken or Pasta, rice or chips.


In the Morning I studied 3 hours English with Ella. I learned irregular verbs in past simple and past participle. I learned a lot of new words. Ella prepared me to take a KET exam so I did a lot of listenings.

In the Afternoon I had a Trip.

I was at the beach, in the Turner Art Gallery, in the swimming pool, in the Walmer castle, I played mini-golf with Jim (Ellas husband) and table tennis with Ella and I was in Canterbury and watched the Cathedral! This afternoon I am going to Dreamland (if it stops raining). I love playing Wii games when it rains.

I took many photos. It was so exciting!

In the Evening I watched a film on the TV, ate a cake and fruit and did my homework.

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