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  • My amazing time in Cambridge

    FoodThe food is made very healthily by themselves, and on certain festivals they have traditional British food, which is very delicious. Breakfast is cereal with milk, orange juice .For lunch he will give you several choices you can choose from, …Read More »
  • My holiday with jacob thomas

    I was in south of england and the weather was very good. it was my greatest english experience. This travel make me discover a bit part of England. I had a lot of luck because i was with a great …Read More »
  • My two weeks with Gill Stephens in Brighton

    Great new experience for me: I had no idea this kind of homestay courses existed at all! I totally recommend it, and I recommend it with Gill Stephens! Gill is a highly experienced teacher, she will adapt to whatever your …Read More »
  • Three beautiful weeks with Ella’s family

    Hello, I am Filip. I am 21. I am from the Czech Republic. I lived in this big house with Ella’s family, who are Jim, the husband, Alena and Alexandra, the girls, Tia, the dog and Speedy Gonzales, the tortoise. …Read More »
  • My trip to Bournemouth

    I really like this family and they have a lot of animals.Which I really love.My most favourite was the cat Luna.And she is cute.We did grammar:I wrote my dairy everyday about 2 pages and did a lot of grammar in …Read More »
  • My fabolous teacher

    This week has been a nice experience for me. My teacher Lavinia is fabolous and she had a lot of patient whit me. My goal was to improve the speaking and Lavinia has got it.Read More »
  • With Sophie in Wales

    Amazing week! Truly one of the best experiences of my life. I had been wanting to come to the UK ever since I was 10 so this was a dream come true. At first I was a bit scared that …Read More »
  • Cambridge stay

    Living Learning English Review:   Hello, my name is Arthur and I’m from Switzerland.I’m fifiteen.I really enjoyed my two weeks stay in Daniela’s family. My english has improved and I’m satisfied about it.   Study:   Everyday exept the weekend, …Read More »
  • Four weeks in Margate

    Hi! I’m Lisa and I’m Masha. We’re 14 years old twin-sisters and we’re from Russia. We were in England Margate for 4 weeks. Our 4 weeks we spent with Ella and Jim’s family.   STUDY Every day we had 3 …Read More »
  • Wonderful trip in Cambridge

    the family: Our family is very cool. There are two children : Andrew and Emma. Andrew is 12 years old, he is realy fun and we can do a lot of acrivities with him ! Emma is 8 years old, …Read More »